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Resource efficient throughout its lifecycle

Data centres consist of two distinct elements; IT-equipment and the surrounding service envelope. The innovation of Boden Type DC One is a new, holistic design approach for the latter. The goal is to bring a novel combination of existing techniques and locations to the market. This combination does not exist and has never been tested.

The unique solution offers a sustainable datacentre building which is energy and resource efficient throughout its lifecycle, cheaper to build and operate and brings jobs and knowledge to remote places in large parts of Europe. The cornerstones of the concept Boden Type DC One are:

  • Efficient fresh air cooling.
  • Modular building design.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Favourable location.

The 600kW prototype facility will be a living lab and demonstration site, as it will be tested by providers and end-users in a real operation environment with all aspects of its operations measured. With the prototype, the project stakeholders will be able to:

  • Validate that the datacenter concept meets the energy efficiency, financial reliability, and other targets in real operational environments.
  • Validate and improve the design software tools for modeling and simulating the operation of the facility and cooling equipment.
  • Demonstrate through accurate simulation that the prototype can be replicated in other European sites with less favourable conditions.

The name Boden Type Data Centre One is naturally created for the first Type DC in the location of Boden, in the north of Sweden. Close to the clean and high quality electricity supply by renewable energy source, ideal climate and service infrastructure.

The EU-financial framework structure Horizon 2020-project, who will last for three years, has six different Work Packages which each has their own special competence: Management, Prototype construction, Modelling and benchmarking, Modelling energy and other environmental variables, Validating and Prototype testing.

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