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Project members

A pan-European consortium consisting of data centre engineering specialist H1 Systems, cooling provider EcoCooling, research institute Fraunhofer IOSB, research institute RISE SICS North and infrastructure developers Boden Business Agency, have joined forces aiming to design and validate a future proof concept.

H1 Systems

H1 Systems (Hungary)

Founded in 1993 for the specific objective of providing security solutions, safe data centres and environment friendly solutions for energy support of buildings. H1 Systems will coordinate the project implementation. A patent and tested solution will enable the energy modelling of the data centres prior to construction. Will be the leader of the first two stages of the projects totally six stages (Work Package 1 and WP2).   

Key persons:
László Kozma, Project Coordinator.
Tamás Balogh, Senior Datacenter Expert.



EcoCooling (UK)

The first manufacturer to bring an internal evaporate cooling solution to the market. The company is credited with revolutionsing the control systems and design layout required to use direct evaporate cooling in IT-environments. EcoCooling will lead the work of WP4 and will contribute to validation of measurements of the other WPs and to dissemination activities.

Key persons: 
Alan Beresford, Technical lead for WP4.
Emma Beresford, Business Development and Marketing Manager. 



Fraunhofer IOSB (Germany)

A leading organization of institutes of applied research in Germany, undertaking contract research on behalf of industry, the service sector and the government. Fraunhofer will lead and have a main contribution to WP3 and make a significant contribution to WP5.

Key persons: 
Thomas Usländer, Exploitation strategy, Industrie 4.0 expert.
Reinhard Herzog, IoT and benchmark expert.



RISE SICS North(Sweden)

The company is formed around the creation of SICS datacentre in Luleå. The worlds first open Hadoop-based research datacenter. RISE SICS North will be leading the implementation of WP5 on prototype testing and measurements. Also contribute to WP6, WP3, and WP2.

Key persons:
Tor Björn Minde, Work package leader and research leader.
Jonas Gustafsson, Leader of the measurement system talks.
Jon Summers, Scientific leader.


Boden Business Agency

Boden Business Agency (Sweden)

A municipality owned company that helps privately held companies to establish or expand their business in Boden. One major task is to establish Boden as a destination of data centre establishments. BBA will lead the implementation of WP6 on dissemination, communication and exploitation of results.

Key persons:
Erik Svensson, Sponsor of WP6.
Nils Lindh, Project member, lead beneficiary WP6.
Balázs Barna, Subcontractor/donorship contact WP6.


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