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Project Work Packages 

Funded by the European Comission’s Horizon 2020 program our Europe-wide consortium representing four nations and five entities are prototyping one of the world’s most efficient data centre. The project is divided into 6 work packages (WP) with individual goals and deliverables:

WP1 - Management
Management of the financial and administrative aspects of the project and quality assurance of administrative reports. Also management of the communication between the project partners and with the European Commission.

WP2 - Design, Planning, Construction and Operation of the datacenter
In this work package we are going to design and build a prototype in an ideal location – Boden – where all the climatic and operational conditions can be simulated. It includes preparation of investment, Architecture, Construction design and planning and implementation in collaboration with subcontractors.

WP3 - Modelling and benchmarking loads patterns
The objectives of this work package is to develop a methodology for scaleable benchmark load modelling. We will specify benchmarks based on real and synthetic scenarios, and provide tools to generate IT workload models based on the benchmarks. The IT workload models will be used in the test operation and measurement phase in WP5. 

WP4 - Modelling energy and other environment around the data centre, validation, refining
Predicting of performance using models, based on planned usage of the facility and historic weather data. The prediction model will be validated by comparison with measured results. Evaluation of the geographical extension limits of the application of BTDC in Europe, and of technical possibilities to widen application area.

WP5 - Prototype testing, measurement
The objective of this work package is to carry out performance measurement and analysis of the designed and constructed datacentre prototype module. The results are for dissemination and also for exploitation in the extension phase. The objective is also to evaluate the evaporative cooling method compared with standard cooling and to feedback results to the simulation tools, benchmarking tools and the design models.

WP6 - Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of results
The objective of this work package is to introduce our highly efficient solutions to the market and key industry stakeholders and to stakeholders outside of the industry.

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