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Construction BDTC One



Boden Type DC ONE is designed as a modular data centre (MDC). An MDC provide the possibibility of scalability which ensures that the data centre is designed to satisfy customers´needs.

The MDC is modular both in in size and capacity and has the ability to be relocated in a short period of time.


Due to the advanced control, distribution and power management systems, MDCs are designed to operate during the expansion of the system without putting the facility at risk. MDCs are also capable to cope with mixed power and heat density complex, due to the control system which regulate the cooling load by supervising the temperature and air humidity.

Boden Type DC ONE apply the DCSIM® simulation platform.


  • IT Capacity requests starting from 200kW, up to 1200kW in one room and up to 7200kW in one campus
  • 615 m2 white space per room with additional inner separation possibillities

Scalable density

  • Rack loads from 1-12kW is suitablewithout modification
  • Average density is 5kW/rack, up to 20kW is acceptable with some limitations

Central general infrastructure

  • We centralise general infrastructure components to optimize TCO such as: MV, operation rooms, fire extinguishing


  • Our concept is built from stable, well-known devices and parts to reduce costs and support risks

Adaptable SLA

  • five versions of SLA is possible 99,5%-99,98%



BodenTypeDc drone and timelapse from Formsmedjan on Vimeo.

By Formsmedjan. Powered by Yago