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We have located our demonstration site in the ideal geographical location in the municipality of Boden in the North of Sweden. Sweden and the Nordics became a growth area in the global data centre markets about a decade ago. In the early 2010’ years several big internet giants like Facebook, Google invested in huge so called hyperscale data centres (above 10MW) in the Nordics also capitalizing on economies of scale.

Sweden and the Nordics presented ideal locations with very low power prices, high portion of renewable energy, operational cost saving opportunities due to cold climate and stable and investment friendly environments. 
The location of the Boden Type Data Centre One demonstration site is ideal due to the neighbouring hydro-power plant that both produces and delivers renewable energy to the project.  

By partnering up with the Boden Municipality which is a dedicated community for Next Generation Datacenter Investments we are able to bring a number of additional benefits to the project;

  • A municipality dedicated to developing world class datacenter sites.
  • Operations of Boden Business Agency (BBA) to speed up the decision making process and to facilitate and support investments during the whole establishment process.
  • Municipality own infrastructure investments (14 mln Euro) to secure delivery and minimize the time to market from decision-taking to full operations.
  • In cooperation with Luleå University of Technology the municipality cooperates in a state funded project to research into heat waste reuse.
  • Operations and networks of experienced local companies acting as a center for expertise for local engineering, construction, logistics and installation.
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