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Power infrastructure

The Boden Type DC ONE solution will be able to demonstrate the application that lead to the most energy and cost efficient data centre.

Sweden presents ideal locations with very low power prices, high portion of renewable energy and operational cost saving opportunities due to the cold climate and a strong electrical grid.



The municipality of Boden has dedicated substation connected to the regional grid. One of the 145 kW feeds is connected to Boden Hydropower station, and at its full potential, the substation can supply +200MW of redundant hydrogenerated power.

North of Sweden offers very favourable power prices in the range of 0,03-0,04 EUR per kWh.


Waste Heat

is used internally when external temperature is below the supply temperature set point 

 The Boden Type DC ONE  is to provide a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1,1 or less. Traditionl data centres operate at a PUE between 1.6-2.5

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